Cedar Grove

2 - 2 Acre SF Lots
South Fulton, GA
Community Plat
2 - 2 Acre SF Lots Available
$39,500 - EACH

Property History
This 4.17 acre property is divided into two lots. The property is located in South Fulton County in Chattahoochee Hill Country, an area of prestigious estate homes.
Property Location
9770 (Tract 4) and 9780 (Tract 3) Cedar Grove Road (GA 70) are located in southeastern Fulton County in the Chattahoochee Hill district. GA 70 provides easy acces to employment centers in the Fulton Industrial area to the north and to the South Fulton Parkway to the south. A Publix anchored shopping centes is located at South Fulton Parkway and GA 92. From here to the south, Union City and Fairburn are easily accessible as is Atlanta's Hartsfield - Jackson Airport - a few minutes east along South Fulton Parkway.
Zoning Conditions
Property is zoned        AG-1 under Fulton County Ordinances.
Lot Frontage:               150 feet
Side Yard Setback:     25 feet  
Front Yard Setback:    60 feet  
Rear Yard Setback:    50 feet  
Other Conditions:       No HOA
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