Jordans Crossing

Jasper, GA 30143
Community Plat
Site Plan
LOT 85 AVAILABLE - $12,000

Property History
Jordans Crossing is a 114 lot single family community located on 150 acres near Jasper, Georgia. Developed in 2004, Jordans Crossing has grown steadily and now is home to 64 residents. The Jordans Crossing Homeowners Association maintains the entryway.    
Property Location
Jordans Crossing is located off Petit Road in Pickens County. To the south, Petit Road connects with Henderson Mountain Road and Waleska Highway (GA 108). Waleska Highway connects to I-575, 5.4 miles to the east. Jasper is easily accessed by this route or by taking Petit Road to the north from the subdivision. Jasper Elementary, jasper Middle and Pickens High Schools are all within close proximity by automobile.
Available Lots 
Lot 85 is presently available. The lot is fully developed with a building pad graded for basement foundation construction. All utilities are located underground and available at the property lines. The lot is approved for septic tank installation. Permitting is by Pickens County.  
Zoning Conditions
Min. Lot Frontage:       90 feet
Min. Lot Area:              43,560 sq ft
Front Setback:             75 feet from road centerline
Side Setback:              15 feet
Rear Setback:             15 feet
Other Conditions:        ACC required by HOA
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